At SanHarABS, our software integration services help businesses get more out of their software assets. The proliferation of technology has created amazing new opportunities. But having so many options has also created a lot of inefficiency as software is added piece by piece to an organization’s portfolio with no overall strategy. Whether your existing apps can’t talk to each other or you have old technology that needs to be updated to keep pace with modern solutions, we can help.

1. Payment Gateway

Payment gateway solutions of SanHar ABS are a service that helps businesses tie in secure and seamless financial transactions and provide the same through mobile devices. Payment solutions are provided through cloud based services. The solutions provide access to reports and managing workflows. Cost savings can be realized and managed. We have a ready-made healthcare payment process in place that provides all such functions and much more. It is a user friendly interface that does not require separate installation and can be integrated with any existing enterprise system.

2. Wallet

Wallet solutions are also a vital part of most enterprise level as well as customer side applications. We at SanHar ABS can provide you with a ready-made wallet solution. This can be integrated easily with different platforms as well as made compatible with different devices. The payment features are unified and made secure which is ready for next generation mobile payment solutions. The payment requirements can get aligned as per verticals and cost effective yet high quality solutions can be provided. You are assured higher returns and profitability with the wallet solution we provide.

3. Robots

We at SanHar ABS also have robotic solutions that are increasingly being put to use for repetitive tasks that require accuracy and precision. For monotonous and repetitive tasks you can find our robotics solution to be useful. These are designed to provide competitive advantage to several repetitive tasks as found in a hospital environment where adherence to safety and hygiene standards is critical. Tasks such maintenance of patient records or checking of systems to ensure compliance can be performed effectively by robots. They can also be programmed to handle complex tasks that would help minimize human intervention as well as ensure accuracy and save time.

4. Finance

Finance and accounting responsibilities can also be automated made easy through our customized and standard applications. We maintain the standard accounting practices and ensure that statutory norms are followed. The application that we provide can be seamlessly integrated with existing financial software in the market such as Tally ERP 9 and others. The modules cover all necessary features of such practices. Concerned departments of organizations can incorporate data in separate modules such as income, expenses, ledgers, purchases and books of accounts as per existing practices. Data security is also ensured in our finance and accounting software solutions.

5. LIS Integration

Research oriented organizations such as medical facilities usually have a vital component which is the Library Information Systems. We at SanHar ABS provide a system that is powerful and can interface with existing systems easily. As data collection, analysis of the same and being uses as data sources for other systems is a vital part of LIS, all such features are built into our LIS solution. You can avail of our stand alone and powerful system and use its features for several activities such as analysis, auditing, reporting, billing and so forth.

6. HealthCare IoT Solutions

Internet of Things holds great potential for the healthcare industry. This industry has also been one of the foremost sectors to try and adapt to this technology. Integrating IoT aspects in the use of medical devices can help to improve services and effectiveness of the same. It can help bring convenience and high value of service to elderly people, patients who face chronic conditions and others who need their health to be supervised constantly. The Hospital Information Management System that we offer as a solution in this segment can help to connect any health care system with Medical IoT equipment and devices.

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