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We provide complete mobility solution to Healthcare organization to fill the gaps in transforming their hospital operations digitally. Our Mobility products includes Android and iOS mobile app for Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Decision Maker, Patient Feedback and Support ticketing.

1. Mobile App for Doctors

SanharABS advanced and extremely efficient mobile application allows doctors to monitor and treat patients from a remote location. It provides access to doctors and authorized users of the institution to view the patient and drug interaction information and the medication knowledge bases. In other words, it provides the ability to view patient vitals, alerts, medical and lab reports, X-rays, intake and outputs, progress notes, discharge summaries etc ‘on-the-go’ so that there is no wastage of time, and nothing goes amiss!

2. Mobile App for Nurses

SanharABS Nurse App allows the nurse to enter vitals, and nursing assessment details for out-patients instantly before sending the patient to doctor chamber for consultation. It is very handy app and the nurses get used to it very quickly. The app can also be app in IP for doing transactions, such as entering nurses notes or updating treatment sheet, intake output, etc.

3. Mobile App for Patients

SanharABS patients App allows the patient to use the department link to look up for a consultant, locate their office, or call to ask a question or schedule an appointment. Timely alerts and notifications promote accurate and reliable communication and interaction between the patients and the doctors and ensure that there is no delay in availing treatment and assistance.

4. Mobile App for Decision Makers

SanharABS mobile app for decision makers allows the top management and key decision makers to view MIS reports and other crucial financial data. These statistics enable them to make the right business decisions that can lead to increased productivity and revenue, and reduced operational costs. Since data can be conveniently and remotely accessed, it becomes easy to take decisions at the right time, to avoid a crisis.

5. Mobile App for Patient Feedback

SanharABS Patient Feedback App is a boon to the hospital, which helps the organization to collect feedback & ratings from the patient in very easy and user- friendly feedback collection app. An aggregated report with all the rating and feedback is shared with the authorized users through email so the management can find the loopholes and take proper actions to improvise their operations.

6. Mobile App for Support Ticketing

SanharABS Support ticketing app helps team to collaborate better and resolve issues faster by collaborating with other teams across your organization with no trouble at all. The tickets can be categorized and the information can be pulled with an ease whenever you need them. All this being enable at your fingertips in your mobile device, you can have a better track on issues, avg. time to respond, recurring issues, and plan to address the issues accordingly.

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