To keep up with the market and retain their competitive edge, organizations have to overhaul legacy infrastructure to modernize enterprise functioning and ultimately improve profitability. SanHarABS Infrastructure Services portfolio can help organizations streamline and modernize processes across complex IT landscapes.

1. Server & Networking
Applications and software services are incomplete without the right support and implementation executed at the server end. When we engage with our clients, we look into their server requirements as well. In order to make the most of the advanced and latest technology, we offer, we will replace or help you upgrade the existing server system. We have a specialist engineer team at our end who will advise you on the server software or network resources you need to ensure secure and smooth running of your system. We also send across our engineers to work on client network systems and implement the changes required.

2. Kiosk
Healthcare kiosk services are another arena of our easy-to-use mobile technology services. The innovative kiosks can help reduce waiting time for patients in hospitals. They can avail of the self-service features to book appointments, process payments, collect reports and so forth. It can help reduce waiting time and improve customer experiences in healthcare facilities. These kiosks will have several application processes automated that will reduce the burden on administrative staff, help manage visitors and their requirements of the health care facilities and make system management accurate and time saving.

3. Digital Signage
Digital signage plays a vital role, whether internally or externally for organizational processes. As a healthcare organization such as a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital signage can help provide information and help advertise different services. Digital signage also helps to provide important messages to staff and visitors in a health care facility. We provide you several solutions through our digital signage software. This helps you publish important communication in attractive ways and get them displayed in different places. Industry specific digital signage solution helps reduce your time as you will find the right information and messages offered in our software solution.

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